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Welcome the Blue Valley Track and Field Team Site.  Below you will find the current school year’s meet schedule, current school records, and a list of past State medalists.  

This site is new so please bear with me as the layout may change.

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We had 3 school records broken this last season:  Georgia Hatesohl in the 200m and 100m Hurdles, and the girls 4x100m Relay which included Georgia Hatesohl, Elsa Speicher, Kacie Duncan, and Brooklynn Zoeller.  

We also took 8 individuals to the State Meet in Wichita this year.  Georgia qualified in the 100m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles, and as the lead leg on the 4x100m relay.  Katie Hutson qualified in the 1600m and 3200m.  Kacie Duncan qualified as the 3rd leg on the 4x100m relay.  Elizabeth Wright qualified in Discus.  Elsa Speicher was the 2nd leg on the 4x100m relay.  Brooklynn Zoeller was the 4th leg on the 4x100m relay.  Abby McIntyre and Allie Cassel were our two alternates for the 4x100m relay.  

Georgia capped off an incredible prep track career at the State meet this year bringing home 3 medals.  The rest of the girls that qualified will be back for next season.  So we hope to continue the recent success we have seen with more strong seasons in the near future and beyond.




2018 Meet Schedule

Date               Location                    Start Time

Apr. 3rd            Valley Heights           11:00

Apr. 6th           Riley                         3:00

Apr. 12th         Frankfort                   3:00

Apr. 17th         Belleville                   11:00

Apr. 24th         Washington               3:00

Apr. 27th         Manhattan                 3:30

May 4th           Riley                         3:00

May 10th         Varsity League         3:00

                       @ Valley Heights

May 18th        Regionals @ TBA

May 25-26      State @ Wichita


Current School Records


Event                  Name                                         Time/Distance         Year

100m                  J Cantrell                                    11.13                       1990

200m                  J Hawkinson                               22.1                         1962

110m Hurdles     Shane Cox                                 15.4                          1986

300m Hurdles     R Thomas                                  41.8                          1995

400m                  Chris Stedman                           51.06                        1997

800m                  Zach Rootring                            2:04.7                       2014

1600m                Chase Carey                              4:38.7                       2015

3200m                David Gibson                              9:58.86                    2005

4x100m              J Cook      J Cantrell                   45.41                       1990

                          H Sump     K Kasselman

4x200m             S Richter   B Fritzson                   1:37.9                      1974

                          R Wendland     Fritzson

4x400m             Nick Dowell     Andy Klocke         3:35.8                     1997

                          J Scott          Chris Stedman

4x800m             Kyle Clifton        Chase Carey      8:29.4                      2014

                         Marshall Carey   Zach Rootring

Shot Put           Mike Carr                                      52’ 9”                        1979

Discus              Ryan Lund                                    156’ 9”                      2009

Javelin              Kevin Suther                                199’ 3”                      1992

Pole Vault         J Downing                                    12’ 5”                        1984

High Jump        Scott Chapman                             6’ 4.25”                    1985

Long Jump        Shane Cox                                   22’ 4.5”                    1986

Triple Jump       Shane Cox                                   44’ 1”                       1987



Event                  Name                                         Time/Distance         Year

100m                  S Nelson                                    11.6                         1974

200m                  Georgia Hatesohl                       27.14                      2017

100m Hurdles     Georgia Hatesohl                      15.18                       2017

300m Hurdles     Kim Rothlisberger                      46.9                        1993 

400m                  Annie Ross                                 1:03.71                   2012

800m                  S Webster                                  2:27.5                      1983

1600m                Stacy Lee                                   5:34.96                    1998

3200m                Shelly Catt                                 11:56.05                  1979

4x100m          Georgia Hatesohl  Elsa Speicher    52.97                     2017

                       Kacie Duncan    Brooklynn Zoeller

4x200m              A Wachsnicht   T Hoard              1:53.63                  1988

                          P King       S Wohler

4x400m             J Munson    S Webster                4:19.61                   1983

                          P Cook      V Olson

4x800m             Kendle Henry    K Mahaffey        10:24.93                  2005

                          F Vathauer    K Droulliard

Shot Put            Jan Schwartz                              40’ 2”                       1975

Discus               Jan Schwartz                              120’ 10”                   1975

Javelin               Brenda Fronce                           127’ 9”                     1991

Pole Vault          Georgia Hatesohl                        9’ 0”                         2015

High Jump         Barbara Downing                        5’ 4”                        1983

Long Jump        Amber Burklund                          16’ 7.75”                 1997 

Triple Jump       Brenda Fronce                             32’ 5”                      1990


Past State Medalists

Past State Track Medalists
Year Medalist Event Placing
2017 Georgia Hatesohl 100m Hurdles 2nd
    300m Hurdles 5th
  Georgia Hatesohl 4x100m Relay 7th
  Elsa Speicher    
  Kacie Duncan    
  Brooklynn Zoeller    
  Katie Hutson 1600m 3rd
2016 Chase Carey 1600m 2nd
  Georgia Hatesohl 100m Hurdles 5th
  Griffen Vincent Long Jump 5th
    Triple jump 5th
2015 Chase Carey 800m run 7th
    1600m run 6th
2014 Chase Carey 4x800m run 3rd
  Marshall Carey    
  Kyle Clifton    
  Zach Rootring    
2013 Bobby O'Neill Discus 5th
    Shot Put 7th
2009 Ryan Lund Discus 4th
2008 Kendle Henry 800m run 6th
  Ryan Lund Discus 5th
2007 Randy Taylor Long Jump 5th
2006 David Gibson 1600m run 2nd
    3200m run 2nd
  Brandon Nelson Javelin 6th
  Randy Taylor Long Jump 5th
  Boys Team   7th Overall
2005 David Gibson 3200m run 3rd
  Girls 4x800m run 5th
2004 David Gibson 1600m run 7th
    3200m run 4th
2003 April Burklund Javelin 6th
  Joey Williams Triple Jump 4th
2002 Joey Williams Triple Jump 4th
2001 Joey Williams Triple Jump 1st
1998 Andy Klocke Shot Put 5th
  Stacy Lee 1600m run 3rd
1996 Amber Burklund Long Jump 6th
  Chris Stedman 400m run 6th
1994 Kim Rothlisberger 100m Hurdles 3rd
1993 Michael Jackson Javelin 5th
  Kim Rothlisberger 100m Hurdles 3rd
1992 Brenda Fronce Javelin 3rd
  Kevin Suther Javelin 1st
1991 Brenda Fronce Javelin 3rd
1990 Brenda Fronce Javelin 4th
1988 Shane Cox 110m Hurdles 2nd
    Long Jump 2nd
  Boys Team   10th Overall
1987 Shane Cox 110m Hurdles 6th
    Long Jump 5th
1986 Scott Chapman Long Jump 4th
  Norman Francis Javelin 6th
1985 Bill Jackson High Jump 4th
  Erik Krogdahl Long Jump 5th
1982 Barbara Downing High Jump 3rd
1979 Mike Carr Discus 3rd
    Shot Put 2nd
  Shelly Catt 1600m run 6th
    3200m run 2nd
1978 Mike Carr Discus 4th
    Shot Put 5th
  Shelly Catt 1600m run 6th
1977 Shelly Catt 1600m run 6th
1974 Jan Schwartz Discus 1st
    Shot Put 1st
  Girls Team   4th Overall
1973 Jan Schwartz Shot Put 2nd



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