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Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning in USD 384
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In honor of Digital Learning Day  - 
Some of the ways technology is used to support and enhance learning in Blue Valley USD 384 Schools

  • iPads to differentiate instruction
  • apps for practice and reinforcement of skills
  • Internet access - research
  • Reading books and Reading groups
  • Creating stories
  • Google Earth
  • QR Codes
  • Direct instruction
  • Presentations - student and teacher
  • Video viewing and creation
  • Provide online lesson plans
  • Distribute handouts, assignments, and other course information
  • Social Bookmarking to distribute Internet links
  • Reading Counts
  • RAZ-Kids
  • Everyday Math
  • Podcasts
  • Assessments
  • High School and Middle School Yearbooks
  • Graphic Arts
  • Projects for contests
  • Webquests