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Eat Smart Play Hard

The Blue Valley Food Service Program gets Noticed!

Two students in Mrs. Dowell’s Career and Community Connections class chose to do a project that would inform students and patrons about school breakfasts and lunches.

Tiffany and Brooke took photos of sample plates each day.  They printed out the pictures and put them in a notebook so they could be displayed each time that meal is served.  This helps students visualize what the meal looks like and gives them ideas for the choices they can make.  The girls also sent the photos to Mrs. Monser to post on the district website for everyone to see.

Kansas State Department of Education Child Nutrition Consultant Barb Depew, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, has been working with our head cook, Stormy Brandt.  On one of Barb’s visits to our school she noticed the meal photos posted on the wall next to the cafeteria and inquired about the project.

Ms. Depew recommended this project be featured on the Eat Smart Play Hard (ESPH) website along with other schools across the state that are promoting healthy eating. 

On April 15, Barb came with a professional filming crew from Gizmo Pictures in Topeka.  Keith and Ian transformed the lunchroom into a recording studio.  With camera rolling Barb interviewed Brooke, Tiffany, Jeanne Dowell, Stormy Brandt, and Kathy Monser to hear the part each one played in the project.  The video will be posted on the ESPH website for the 2013-2014 school year.

In January Stormy was featured in the Sunflower Spotlight for promoting school lunches through photos both on site and online.  The Sunflower Spotlight celebrates successes in Kansas Child Nutrition Programs.  The USDA also interviewed Stormy.  Comments made during this interview may appear on theLet’s Move blog sometime in the future.