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SciFi Writers Club

Mr. Lee and the Science Fiction Writers Club visit
Fort Hays State University's Sternberg Museum

A word from the sponsor:
If you ever wanted to see a teacher, especially a rational, manly science teacher, jump at an animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex at Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays, KS, then you missed your chance.

Did I mention the wonderful Mrs. Hutson going on the trip as a chaperone and attitude compass for the children?

Need I announce that the Blue Valley Foundation supported 90% of the transportation to Hays?

The trip proved very enlightening for the students. It gave them ideas to expand their science fiction stories and make it relevant to the reader and them.

Gusts of high winds across the highway, while mammoth-sized blades on wind turbines spinning grandly, greeted the visitors from Randolph to the rest of the millions of years of history underneath their feet.

Who cares about T-Rex when you have mosasaurs swimming stealthily underneath the shallow seas of Kansas!