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Walk for MS

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society held their 2010 Manhattan MS Walk at Sunset Zoo on Saturday, April 17th. Multiple sclerosis (or MS) is a chronic, often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system. Currently there is not a cure for MS and the annual Walks are done in order to raise money for research and treatments to help those living with the disease.

One local team, Stormy’s Troopers, participated in the walk.  As a first year team they exceeded their own expectations and raised $4175.00 towards the Walk, which currently has them as the top fundraisers for the Manhattan Walk area.   They were overwhelmed by the generosity and support of their community, family, and friends.

Initial team members were recruited through the team captain, Stormy Brandt, diagnosed with MS in 2007; as others heard of the Walk and information was presented, the team grew. Team shirts were sponsored by Randy’s Welding and Fab, Randolph, KS.

After the Walk, all participants were treated to pizza and raffling for prizes.