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Middle School Garden Class

Garden Class Harvest Meal

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students in 5th hour learning academy have been learning about gardening with Mrs. Schroller.

In July some of the students helped plant potatoes and beans in the raised garden bed behind the middle school. After school started the group planted lettuce, spinach, radishes, and onions. Before the first frost they harvested and froze the beans. They also placed a floating row cover on the lettuce to prolong the growing season. After the first frost they dug the potatoes. On November 11 the students harvested everything that was left in the garden.

With Mrs. Schroller's help the students prepared a delicious meal from the vegetables they grew. On the menu was vegetable beef soup, fresh garden salad, cheesy garlic bread, sun tea, and apple crisp served on a beautifully decorated table. Administrators were invited to enjoy the meal with the students in the class.