Blue Valley rated 12th best school district in Kansas

USD 384 Blue Valley was rated by NICHE as the 12th best school district in Kansas for 2017!!

The 11 in front of us are all 4A size or larger. This is based on state assessment scores, racial and economic diversity, student absenteeism and suspensions and expulsions, surveys, teacher salary and absenteeism, facilities, clubs/activities and sports.

NICHE website is k12.niche.com.

Governor’s Award Recognizes McCormick Elementary

Forty-two Kansas elementary schools, 10 middle/junior high schools and 18 high schools were recognized as part of the seventh annual Governor’s Achievement Awards, honoring top performing schools in the state.

The school must have been among the top 5 percent of schools in both reading and mathematics on the state assessments at its respective level and met one additional measure. For elementary schools and middle/junior high schools that measure is attendance and high schools the measure is graduation rate.

“The Governor’s Achievement Award is a significant recognition for Kansas schools,” said Kansas Education Commissioner Dr. Diane DeBacker. “The accomplishment recognizes a school’s high expectations and the ability of the school staff to assist students in achieving to those expectations.”