December 2018

EXCERPTS of USD #384 Regular Board of Education Meeting

A Regular Board of Education meeting for USD #384 Blue Valley was held on December 10, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room. Members present were Mitch Innes, Stephen Corkill, James Peter, Reo Shultz, Tim Innes, Ginger Blaske, and Jason Hartman. Administration present was Brady Burton, Superintendent, Marion Mazouch, Middle School/High School Principal, and Melody Pfaff, Board Clerk.

CALL TO ORDER: President, Mitch Innes called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

APPROVE THE AGENDA: The Board approved the Agenda as presented.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Board and guests recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

WELCOME GUESTS: President, Mitch Innes welcomed our guests.

OPEN FORUM: Kristi Anderson, Molly Brenner, and Justin Brenner were in attendance to present and discuss information regarding school bus policies. The board thanked them for their input.


  1. Mitch Innes congratulated Cole Montgomery and Lane Peter for their placement on Twin Valley All League second team for football.
  2. Ginger Blaske commented that the 2017-2018 yearbook was very well done.
  3. James Peter congratulated Kaitlyn Budenbender for her placement on Twin Valley All League second team for volleyball.
  4. Stephen Corkill commended Kerri Butler and students for the music programs.
  5. Mitch Innes thanked the David Mattson estate for the generous donation to the McCormick Elementary School library.

RECOGNITION OF STUDENTS/STAFF: Anthony Meals, Agriculture Education Instructor, was in attendance to update the board of the happenings of FFA. They are having a very successful year so far.

PRINCIPAL REPORTS: These were noted.

SUPERINTENDENT REPORT: Nothing new to report.

BOARD REPORT: Reo Shultz discussed the recruitment of a high school math instructor. There are many challenges to the online greenbush curriculum currently being used. The board would like this item to be placed on the January agenda.

CONSENT AGENDA: The Board approved the Consent Agenda as follows:

  1. Approved Minutes of November 12, 2018 Regular Board Meeting.
  2. Approved Activity/Revenue/Expenditure Reports
  3. Approved Resignations – None
  4. Approved Hirings – None
  5. Approved a $25,000 donation from the David Mattson Estate designated for the McCormick Elementary Library.


Budget Review: Brady Burton and Melody Pfaff reviewed the Budget Summery of Funds with the Board.

Homework: This was a carryover item from the November board meeting. The board discussed the homework philosophy statement presented. The Board approved the following philosophy statement and to have it published in handbooks and distributed to staff and students:

USD #384 – Blue Valley Board of Education Homework Philosophy Statement

Blue Valley USD #384 Board of Education believes the purpose of homework is to reinforce skills learned at school by providing practice at home. This helps families understand the learning that’s happening in school. In addition, homework helps students learn routines at home to be responsible students and develop time management skills.

The Board of Education acknowledges the importance of current research in developing and implementing homework guidelines that will maximize the effectiveness of homework as a strategy for improving student success. The Board also acknowledges in this ever-evolving, fast-paced world, there is concern for our students of being able to find balance and to develop a lifelong love of learning. When possible, the Board suggests not assigning homework on weekends or vacation days to allow for more family time.

Homework supports student learning when it is assigned with a specific purpose and not busy work. The purpose and structure for homework should be communicated to students and families by the teacher.

Homework reflects the learning that happens in class and provides an opportunity for families to engage with their students. It is important for the teacher to consider time allotments and frequency when using homework as a tool to support student learning.

Fitness Center: The board discussed the fee for patrons to utilize the fitness center. The fitness center contract presented will be signed at the time a key card is issued and a fee of $120 a year will be charged to each patron that is issued a key card. The Board approved the fitness center contract as presented with the addition of “children under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult valid key card holder”.

District Open House: A committee has been formed to organize a district open house once all construction is completed. Committee members are Ginger Blaske, Tim Innes, Brady Burton, Marion Mazouch, Matt Schreiber, Anthony Meals, Janelle Corkill, Amber Krause, Sheila Wright and Sandy Zoeller. This will also be the 60thanniversary of the district becoming a Unified School District. The Board approved the Open House Committee and granted authority to set up a district open house. Ginger Blaske will email all committee members with a date for a first meeting.

Bond Update: Brady Burton updated the board on the bond construction progress. The garage doors have been installed in the new agricultural education building. The railing has been put up at the press box. The final inspection is scheduled for January 7. If approved, the students will start moving items into the new facility. There are two tube heaters in the current agriculture education building and one is not functioning. A change order will be issued to replace the non-functioning heater.


Approve General Contractor Bill: The Board approved the General Contractor Bill in the amount of $260,812.20.

Approve Warants/Transfers: The Board approved the warrants/transfers as presented.

Audit: Derek Bruna, Washington County Tax Service, was in attendance to present the 2017-2018 final audit. The Board approved the 2017-2018 audit as presented.

Bus Driver Policy: President, Mitch Innes directed members to discuss items in advance of the meeting with Brady Burton. This will allow time for administration to compile information for the board to review prior to the monthly meeting. Discussion was held on current practice and policy of drop off location for students. Brady Burton will contact KASB and get legal opinion of the district’s liability if an error is made dropping off a student at the wrong location. Should the District mandate only one drop off location instead of giving parents the option of different locations? The Board directed Brady Burton to contact districts that are close to the same size of USD 384 and find out what policy, if any, they follow on student drop-off locations.

Superintendent Evaluation: A blank Superintendent Evaluation form was distributed to each board member. Mitch Innes directed board members to fill out and return to him by January 7, 2019. They will be compiled into one evaluation and presented at the January board meeting.

Future Agenda Items:

  1. Math Position
  2. KESA Update
  3. 2019-2020 Calendar
  4. Bus Driver Policy
  5. Superintendent Evaluation

Melody Pfaff

Board Clerk