Enrollment & Rental Fees

Pre-School Fees - $7.00 per day

The USD #384 Board of Education voted to set a fee of $7.00 a day for each Blue Valley student peer model who attends the Blue Valley Preschool. This is necessary due to the rising costs of the program and the reduction of state revenue to our school district. Parents will be required to pay by the month and the payment will be due by the 15th of the previous month.The payment schedule will be as follows:

  • $7.00/Day
  • $28.00/Week (four day week)
  • $35.00/Week (five day week)
  • $147/Month

Textbook Rental - $50.00 for K-12

Technology Fee - $50.00 for 8th Grade and All High School students

Activity Fee - $50.00 for all high school students only

  • This fee will be collected at enrollment from every high school student.

Vocational Fee - $50.00 for high school students only

  • This fee applies to all vocational classes.
  • One fee will be assessed per student regardless of the number of vocational classes enrolled.

Art - $40.00

Band - $15.00

Breakfast and Lunch Prices