Daily Bulletin - Friday, January 15, 2021

Breakfast 1/18 - 1/22:

Monday: Inservice/No School

Tuesday: Sausage Pancake on a Stick or Cereal w/Yogurt

Wednesday: Donuts or Cereal w/Muffin Square

Thursday: Chicken Biscuit or Cereal w/Cheese Stick

Friday: Breakfast Pizza or Cereal w/Muffin Square

*All breakfasts served with Chilled Fruit, Fruit Juice, & Milk

Lunch 1/11 - 1/15:

Friday: Cheese Pizza Squares (Steamed Broccoli, Corn), Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich w/Yogurt, or Popcorn Chicken Salad w/Fruit Muffin (Green Bean Salad) 

*All lunches served with Fresh Garden Salad, Chilled Fruit, & Milk

Lunch 1/18 - 1/22:

Monday: Inservice/No School

Tuesday: Corn Dog (Cheesy Broccoli, French Fries), Ham & Cheese Sub, or Taco Salad w/Cornbread (Broccoli w/Ranch Dressing)

Wednesday: Chicken Patty w/Hot Roll (Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy, Corn), Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich w/Hard Boiled Egg, or Cobb Salad w/Hot Roll (Baby Carrots w/Ranch Dressing. Dessert: Brownie Bite

Thursday: Frito Pie (Baked Beans, Cinnamon Apples), Turkey w/Cranberry Sandwich, or Chicken Caesar Salad w/Italian Bread (BBQ Bean Salad)

Friday: BBQ Rib on Bun (Green Beans, Peaches), Crispy Chicken Wrap, or Italian Chef Salad w/Italian Bread (Celery w/Ranch Dressing). Dessert: Lemon Crinkle Cookie

*All Lunches served with Fresh Garden Salad, Chilled Fruit, & Milk

Kansas Voices Writing Contest

Cash prizes in several divisions

Entries must be postmarked by March 15, 2021

See Mrs. Reichert for more details/help/support on your entry!

Parts for this year’s school play, "Hurry Up and Wait!", will be announced today!

Play-read through after practice on January 25, 2021 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Pizza will be served.

TVL BB Tournament @Onaga & Frankfort on Saturday, January 16th - Saturday, January 23rd. BV Girls play Wetmore @11:30 am and the BV Boys play @1:00 pm tomorrow. All boys' games will be played at Onaga and girls' games will be played at Frankfort. Girls' bus leaves @9:15 am, boys' bus leaves @11:00 am.

No School - Inservice Day on Monday, January 18th.

Ag Ed Symposium (Virtual) KAAE Thursday-Saturday, January 21st-23rd.

Jostens graduation items delivery on Wednesday, January 20th @lunch. 

Speed Competition in Mr. Caudle's room on Wednesday, January 20th during Seminar period for any HS student who is interested in participating. The winner will receive a prize, and again, it's open to any HS student who thinks they are a fast typist!

HSBB @Wakefield (Away) on Tuesday, January 26th @4:45 pm.

Food Science/Poultry Virtual Meet on Wednesday, January 27th.

Regional Scholars' Bowl Meet @BV on Monday, February 1st @4:30 pm.