It is the purpose of Blue Valley USD #384 to develop and maintain a functional curriculum that will provide maximum learning opportunities to all students.


  1. To provide an opportunity for a quality accomplishment for each individual.

  2. To inspire students to reach their highest possible achievements.

  3. To stress the importance of individual excellence.

  4. To provide knowledge to build and meet the responsibility of citizenship.

  5. To place value on the development of physical and emotional maturity.

  6. To provide experiences that will develop self motivation, problem solving, and creative interest.

  7. To stimulate an interest in educational advantages, such as vocational schools, community colleges, or universities.

  8. To instill in all students the common knowledge which is essential for successful living in a democratic society and personal environment.


  1. Develop and perform skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening at a competent level.

  2. Develop and perform skills in mathematics and science at a competent level.

  3. Understand and practice democratic ideas and ideals.

  4. Understand and practice the skills involved in vocational and practical education, performing these skills at designated levels.

  5. Learn how to be a good manager of money, property, and resources.

  6. Practice and understand the ideas of health and skills in physical education, performing these skills at designated levels.

  7. Learn how to examine and use information.

  8. Develop and use problem solving skills.

  9. Develop an appreciation for the fine arts.


  1. To promote the involvement of parents and patrons in the education of students.

  2. To promote adult education and lifelong learning.


Blue Valley High School faculty and staff will provide a well-rounded curriculum and a positive learning environment that enables students to develop their potential and become competent, productive citizens in our society.


The staff at Blue Valley Middle School will provide to all students a learning environment that will allow all students the opportunity to achieve their personal best. We believe our purpose is to promote cooperation, foster a good self-concept, and encourage lifelong learning in an ever-changing world.


McCormick Elementary School believes in: Teaching knowledge, skills, and appropriate behavior, Learning throughout life, Caring for others and ourselves.