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USD 384 Blue Valley Board of Education
believes that students should be kept first in all decisions that are made.

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Mission Statement

It is the purpose of
USD 384 Blue Valley

to develop and maintain
a functional curriculum
that will provide maximum
learning opportunities
 to all students.

Goals & Building Missions...


James Peter
Position 7, At Large

Mitch Innes
Position 2, District 2
Vice President

Jason Anderson
Position 1, District 1

Stephen Corkill
Position 3, District 3

Angie Pfizenmaier
Position 4, District 1

Bruce Kaump
Position 5, District 2

A.G. McLean
Position 6, District 3

BOE Directory
for additional information.

Contact Days

You may view online or download a
PDF version of the Staff Contract Days
and Student Contact Days calendar.

2017 - 2018 Calendar

2018-2019 Calendar

Contact Information

USD 384 Blue Valley
P.O. Box 98
3 Ram Way
Randolph, Kansas 66554

District Office Hours
7:30am to 4:00pm

Phone: 785.293.5256
Toll Free: 877.750.8111
Fax: 785.293.5607