EXCERPTS of USD #384 Regular Board of Education Meeting

EXCERPTS of USD #384 Regular Board of Education Meeting

A Regular Board of Education meeting for USD #384 Blue Valley was held on July 13, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room. Members present were Mitch Innes, Stephen Corkill, Reo Shultz, Tim Innes, Jason Hartman, and Ginger Blaske. Administration present was John Cox, Superintendent and Melody Pfaff, Board Clerk.

CALL TO ORDER: President, Mitch Innes called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

APPROVE THE AGENDA: The Board approved the Agenda with the following modification: Moved 11.S. to 13.H.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Board and guests recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

WELCOME GUESTS: President, Mitch Innes welcomed out guests.

OPEN FORUM: Gabe and Alaine Speicher were in attendance to see if there would be any discussion about school opening in August. Mr. Cox indicated that new information was being released daily. There will be updates released as the district receives them.


1. Stephen Corkill welcomed Mr. Cox to the district.

2. Jason Hartman congratulated Ben Wichman for receiving the Mike Rowe Scholarship. He was one of 200 kids.

3. Amy Cassel recognized Brianna Gough and Brooklynn Zoeller for receiving a silver at FCCLA Nationals.

4. Amy Cassel mentioned that A.J. Cassel, Jacob Rowe, and several graduated seniors are members of the fishing team and will be competing in two upcoming bass fishing tournaments. This team was started by Mark Bylkas.

5. Amy Cassel thanked Mr. Schreiber for the great job coordinating and working with the student athletes in the weight room this summer. With all of the challenges that he has been faced with, he is keeping the kids involved, engaged, and healthy! Mr. Meals and Mrs. Luhman are also doing a great job connecting with the members in their clubs and offering them opportunities this summer.

6. Reo Shultz commented that the ball association is doing a great job of offering good opportunities and a few games for the participants.

7. Brooklynn Zoeller and Allie Cassel are recipients of the Manhattan Area Retired Educators Scholarship.

RECOGNITION OF STUDENTS/STAFF: No one was in attendance to be recognized.

PRINCIPAL REPORTS: There are no principal reports.

SUPERINTENDENT REPORT: Superintendent John Cox will get the board a new copy of his 90-day plan. Mr. Cox attended three budget workshops to familiarize himself with the budget preparation. Mr. Cox also attended the county commissioner meetings in Pottawatomie and Riley County and the city meetings in Randolph and Olsburg to introduce himself. Mr. Cox met with all of the members of the school board individually. Mr. Cox met with a representative of Greenbush to discuss professional development. The district has created a twitter account and the middle school/high school has created a Facebook page. Protective equipment has been ordered. The administration is currently working on streamlining Apptegy and Thrillshare. Mr. Cox is checking with other districts on their procedure for hiring bus drivers.

BOARD REPORT: The board set a special board meeting for Wednesday, July 22 at 6:00 p.m. to approve the 2020-2021 budget for publication and to possibly discuss the reopening of schools.

CONSENT AGENDA: The Board approved the Consent Agenda as follows:

a. Approved Minutes of June 8, 2020 Regular Board Meeting

b. Approved the Receipts Report

c. Approved Resignations from Frank Hagenmaier, Ron Peter, and Ruby Peter as bus drivers.

d. No Hirings to approve.

e. Approved Out of Distrit Students for the 2020-2021 school year: Kirsten Allison, Damian Butler, Isabella Butler, Michael Butler, Daniel Cox, Skyler Cox, Carsten Thomas, Chandler Thomas, Grayson Thomas.

f. Adopted Official Depository-Union State Bank, Olsburg, Kansas

i. Added John Cox, Superintendent to the Petty Cash Account

g. Adopted 1,116 Hour Student Calendar

h. Designated Insurance Carriers as follows:

i.Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas – Health Insurance

ii.Copeland Insurance (EMC) – Property/Vehicles

iii.Bay Bridge – 403b

iv.BCS Insurance – Student Accident Insurance

v.American Fidelity-Section 125

vi.KASB Workman’s Compensation

i. Designated Truant Officers – K.S.A. 72-1113 as follows:

i.McCormick Elementary School – John Cox

ii.Blue Valley Middle School – Marion Mazouch

iii.Blue Valley High School – Marion Mazouch

j. Approved Hearing Officer for Free and Reduced Meals – John Cox

k. Approved Food Service Representative – Jenny Peter

l. Approved Official District Newspaper – Riley Countian

m. Approve the Following:

i. Section 504 Director – John Cox

ii. ADA Director – John Cox

iii.Title I, IIA, III, IV, VII, and IX Director – John Cox

iv. KPERS Representative – Melody Pfaff

v.  Attorney – Donna Whiteman, KASB

vi. KASB Governmental Relations Representative – John Cox

vii. CPA Auditor – Derek Bruna, Washington County Tax and Accounting

viii. PL874-382 Impact Aid Representative – Jenny Peter

ix. Freedom of Information Officer – Melody Pfaff

x. Official District Spokesman – John Cox

xi. KIDS System Administrator – Jenny Peter

xii. Powerschool Administrator – Jenny Peter

n. Adopted the Annual Waiver of Requirements for General Acceptable Accounting Practices

o. Rescinded All Previous Board of Education Policies and Approved the 2020-2021 Board of Education Policies

p. Approved the Disposal of Old Records in Storage More than Five Years old according to K.S.A. 72-5369

q. Adopted Guidelines for Activities Fund and Gate Receipts as Outlined in K.S.A. 72-53G

r. Designated the Following Board Officials:

i. Board Clerk – Melody Pfaff

ii. Deputy Board Clerk – Jenny Hoeltzel

iii. Board Treasurer – Jenny Peter

iv. Deputy Board Treasurer – Becky Brenner


Budget Review: The 2020-2021 Budget has not been approved.

Board Training: The board discussed possible KASB board training options. The board directed Mr. Cox to contact KASB and set up the following board trainings:

1. Budget

2. Board Do’s and Don’t’s – Role of the Board

3. Superintendent Evaluation

4. Goal Setting/Strategic Planning


Approve Warrants/Transfers: The Board approved the Warrants/Transfers as presented.

End of the Year Budget Transfer: The Board approved $26,609 be transferred to Contingency Fund.

District House Rental Contract: The Board held an executive session with John Cox for 15 minutes to discuss personnel. The purpose of the executive session is to protect the privacy interests of an identifiable individual.

Meeting reconvened. and it was noted that no action was taken during the executive session.

The Board approved the tenants of the district house be required to pay only a half month’s rent in August due to their purchasing a home of their own as long as the house is clean and ready to be rented out by August 1.

Superintendent Phone Reimbursement: The Board approved that Superintendent John Cox be allowed to use his personal cell phone and to be paid $100 a month payable twice a year as a benefit.

Board of Education email: After discussion, the Board approved the creation of district email accounts for all Board of Education members.

Repair to Flue Pipe at McCormick Elementary: The Board approved the bid not to exceed $1,100 from Thermal Comfort Air to repair the flue pipe at McCormick Elementary.

Superintendent Spending Limit: The current spending limit for the superintendent to approve without board approval is $10,000. The board discussed this item extensively. The Board approved to keep the current superintendent limit of $10,000.

Future Agenda Items:

A. Board Policy Updates

B. Budget Hearing

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Melody Pfaff

Board Clerk