All posted Board of Education minutes are unofficial until approved at the succeeding regular BOE meeting.

EXCERPTS of USD #384 Regular Board of Education Meeting

 A Regular Board of Education meeting for USD #384 Blue Valley was held on January 10, 2022, at 7600 p.m. in the Board Room.  Members present were Mitch Innes, Reo Shultz, Tim Innes, Jason Hartman, Amy Cassel, and Melissa Geisler. Administration present was John Cox, Superintendent, Marion Mazouch, Middle School/High School Principal, and Melody Pfaff, Board Clerk.

CALL TO ORDER:  President, James Peter called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

APPROVE THE AGENDA:  The agenda was approved as presented. 

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  Board and guests recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

WELCOME GUESTS:  President, Mitch Innes welcomed our guests.


1.    It was awesome to see the Blue Valley support for the Burgman family.

2.     The trip to Colorado to reward the students for FFA fruit sales was a success.

SPECIAL REPORTS:  Derek Bruna was in attendance to go over the district audit. It was a good clean audit.

Anthony Meals, senior sponsor was in attendance to inform the board that the seniors would like to travel to Grapevine Texas for senior sneak this year.  Fundraising will be done to fund the trip.  A formal request will take place at the February board meeting.

RECOGNITION OF STUDENTS/STAFF:  No one was in attendance to be recognized.

RAM WAY STUDENTS OF THE MONTH:  Due to the short month there will not be students of the month for January.


a.      McCormick Elementary School: Matt Schreiber was in attendance to give the board an update of the happenings at McCormick Elementary School.  There are three new students in the building.  Kansas Day will be celebrated on January 29. 

b.     Blue Valley Middle School/Blue Valley High School: Enrollment has held steady this year.  State Assessments will be given in the spring.  Blue Valley will host the Regional Scholars Bowl on February 3 starting at 4:30 p.m.  Mr. Mazouch presented a letter to the board announcing his retirement effective June 15, 2022.  The board thanked him for his many years of dedication to the district.

c.     CTE Report: Anthony Meals was in attendance to introduce Miranda Depenbusch.  She will a student teacher in the agriculture education building this semester.

 Amy Cassel entered meeting at 6:53 p.m.


·       A baseball scoreboard has been ordered.

·       The current budget was reviewed and compared to a year ago.

·       The ESSER III grant has been submitted and is pending approval from the State Board.

·       It is administration recommendation that the district claim 3-year-old preschool students next year to boost state funding.

·       January 3 in-service focused on looking internally in each building and decide what needs to be done to improve culture.  The middle school wants to improve communications with the community.  The elementary school is reading One Word for kids book in each class. The high school wants to keep parents informed and teach parents how to use PowerSchool and playbook.  They will also focus on celebrations.

·       The parent engagement night did not go over as expected.  The DLT team will focus on enrichment activities that engage the kids and encourage the parents to be involved.

·       The staff will be involved in team building at the January 17 in-service.

·       The district had the annual fire inspection, and it went very well. 

·       Covid policy procedures are changing. 

·       The board will decide at the February board meeting if the March meeting will be moved due to spring break.

 OPEN FORUM:  No one addressed the board during open forum.

CONSENT AGENDA:  The Board approved the Consent Agenda as follows:

a.     Approved Minutes:  December 13, 2021, Special Board Meeting; December 13, 2021, Regular Board Meeting

b.     Approved Receipts

c.     Approved Resignations/Retirement:  Marion Mazouch retirement effective June 15, 2022; Kathy Seyfried

d.     Hirings – None


Remote Learning Waiver:  The Board approved the remote learning waiver as presented. 

KASB Board Policy Updates: The board policy updates were distributed at the December board meeting for the members to review.  The board approved the KASB Board Policy Updates. 


Approve Warrants/Transfers:  The Board approved the warrants/transfers as presented. 

Personnel:  The Board held a 15 minute executive session to discuss personnel The purpose of the executive session is to protect the privacy interests of an identifiable individual. 

Meeting reconvened and it was noted that no action was taken during the executive session.

Election of Board Officers:  The board elected Mitch Innes as president and Jason Hartman as vice-president.

District Calendar:  Amy Cassel and Reo Shultz volunteered to serve as board representatives on the 2022-2023 calendar committee.

Board of Education Self-Evaluation:  Each board member will fill out the self-evaluation and return.  The results will be presented and discussed at the February board meeting.

OPAA!:  The board directed Mr. Cox to meet with an OPAA! representative and discuss the district concerns regarding quality, quantity, and nutrition of food being served. 

District Staff Meal:  The board discussed hosting a spring event for staff.  A date for this event will be set at the February board meeting.

Scheduled Activities:  Board members have signed up to attend district events.

Future Agenda Items:

a.     OPAA!

b.     Negotiations

c.     Board Self-Evaluation

d.     District Staff Meal

e.     Principal Search Update

 Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.