Our first Wellness Committee for the 2015-16 school year met on November 3, 2015 in the BVHS Cafeteria.

Present at the meeting were:

Marion Mazouch, Principal
Blake Fronce, P.E. Teacher
Dana McLean, Head Cook
Jeanne Dowell, Teacher
Maggie Haag, School Nurse

Some past activities/projects to continue this school year:

  1. Public Weight Room

  2. Open Gym on Sunday Night

  3. Hoops for Hearts K-8

  4. Lunch Menu/Pictures on District Website

  5. Pedometers for MS/HS Staff

  6. Healthier Snacks in Vending Machines

New activities/projects for this school year:

  1. Use of food from BVHS Greenhouse for school lunches (lettuce)

  2. Summer fun/fitness run (5K)

  3. YOGA classes

If any community members would like to be a member of our Wellness Committee please contact Mr. Mazouch at BVHS.

Our next meeting will be in April 2016 or May 2016.