FCCLA STAR Results & District Awards

On February 12th, we found out our STAR Event results and District Awards. 

Brianna Gough and Brooklynn Zoeller Silver State Qualifier in Interior Design Level 3. 

Morgan Spangler and Joey Hillocks Silver in Chapter in Review Display. 

Dakota Wachsnicht and Linzy Moseler Bronze in Chapter in Review Level 3. 

Clara Sedlacek and Landry Zoeller Bronze in Chapter in Review Level 2. 

Alyssa Shelton Silver Interior Design Level 2. 

Lexi Vogt, Kennedy Gibbs, Kaiden Weeks, Brock Burgman, Bryce Hoeltzel, Ethan Hardest, Hannah Cornelison, and Dakota Krause Bronze State Qualifier in Parliamentary Procedure. 

We received The Glowstick Award for publicizing 8 or more time about our chapter. We received the LED Bulb Award, which is first place for the most STAR Event participants. Great job, Blue Valley FCCLA.