Distance on-line material for ms vb girls can be picked up at the Middle School from 7:30am to 9:30am on Friday Sept. 25. If this time does not work please call middle school office 785 293-5253 for other arrangements.
4 days ago, Marion Mazouch
Mrs. Reichert's English II Class I just have to share a BEAUTIFUL fall day sight! English II fellas seriously RAM READING! Have a Great Day!
4 days ago, John Cox
Good Morning Blue Valley Families, As I was driving in this morning, I was thinking about all the things that we have going on with in class learning, remote learning, and unfortunately some quarantine remote learning. We are blessed to be able to be in school even with our challenges. I also thought that there might be some things I need to remind everyone about: 1) If you are remote learning or quarantined remote learning, you can still order meals. Call the school by 9:00 and let us know what you want and we will get it ordered for you. 2) Meal pick up is only at the MS/HS campus while we are in school. You may pick it up between 11-12 on the day you order it. 3) If, heaven forbid, we all have to go remote, breakfast and lunch pick up will be at both campuses.(More details will come as needed) 4) Take a breath and relax. It really is going to be OK. No matter how stressed we are about the challenging situation, we are so blessed to be able to do the things we can do. We appreciate the support and forgiveness we are being given. We have to remember to give it back. It really is a great day to be a RAM!!! Mr. Cox
4 days ago, John Cox
UPDATE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT 9-23-20 Hello Blue Valley Families, I was made aware that we have a positive case of COVID on the MS Volleyball team. The case has been isolated and coaches and team are being quarantined for 14 days. Coaches and or other staff will be in contact with specific details as we get them from the health department. As we have learned, please monitor yourself and students for symptoms and call your doctor if you experience any. One of the things I have learned over the last few weeks is nothing stays the same and is a constant state of change. The guidance that we receive is the best advice at the time and follow guidance from several agencies. I, like many of you, have heard things that may or may not be true as it relates to our schools and virus. If you have any questions about the guidance we are providing, please call us. If we don't know the answer we will find out and share with you. We are continuing to work diligently to protect our kids and staff. We recently started sanitizing the building once everyone leaves in the evenings to help protect everyone. I want to emphasize how important wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining 6 feet social distancing is. These 3 things allow us to keep the schools open. If we don't take it seriously, it will get the better of us. We all want school open with kids in the buildings so please, everyone, do your part to help keep us in school and having after school when we can safely do so. Thank you all for what you have done to help keep Blue Valley Schools moving forward. Go RAMS!!
4 days ago, John Cox
In my previous message I said there would be a ms fb game tomorrow against Wash. co./Linn. That message is in error. There will be NO ms games tomorrow vb or fb. If possible a make-up date will be tried. Thank you for your cooperation in these trying times. Marion Mazouch.
4 days ago, USD 384
It's a great day to be a RAM!!! Thanks for getting your children to school today. If they are home learning remotely, even if it is their 1st day remotely, please make sure they are logging it to their classes so attendance can be taken. Have a great day!! Go RAMS!!!
7 days ago, John Cox
Good evening Blue Valley families!! I want to remind everyone how important it is to be at school tomorrow. IT IS OUR OFFICIAL COUNT DAY! Please have the students in class either in person or remotely so we get full credit for each kiddo. It’s a great day to be a RAM!!! See everyone tomorrow!!
7 days ago, John Cox
Due to HS volleyball team being quarantined, HomeComing activities will be rescheduled for the Wetmore game on Oct. 9. Parents night for fb team will still take place at 6:30pm against Frankfort this Friday. Thank you. Principal Marion Mazouch.
8 days ago, Marion Mazouch
UPDATE FROM SUPERINTENDENT 9-16-2020 Hello Blue Valley Families, I was informed this afternoon of a positive case at BVHS involving our HS volleyball team. (This does not impact the MS volleyball team.) We have made notifications to all who may have been a direct contact or contact of a contact. (COVID terminology) If and when we have more information, we will be in direct contact with families again. We want to let everyone know, the custodians have been asked to clean and sanitize the rooms and areas that have been identified. I have reached out to the Riley County Health Department for guidance. They have asked that we let everyone know to monitor for symptoms: Fever (100.4 or higher) Chills Muscle aches Fatigue Headache Sore throat Difficulty breathing Loss of taste or smell This virus is different for every person, so if you have symptoms contact your doctor immediately. Then please contact District Office 785-293-5356 or my cell 913-406-3186 and let us know. I know this has been challenging on everyone in the community. I spend time reflecting on what we have done so far and what we will continue to do to make sure the schools are was safe as we can make them each and everyday. I appreciate the support the community has shown our staff. They deserve it and so much more. Blue Valley is a great place to go to school, grow up and make it home. I am blessed to be here and thank you all for your grace and patience. Go RAMS!!
11 days ago, John Cox
Next week is an exciting week here at BV country. Tuesday (sept. 22) will be HS VB Quad. Starting at 5pm. Parents night will be before last match. (Approx. 8pm). On Thursday (sept. 24) will be the MS last home vb matches starting at 4pm and fb at 6:30 against Washington Co./Linn. We finish the week with B104 game of the week against Frankfort at 7pm. Parents night will be at 6;30 pm and Homecoming activities will be at halftime. Please try and attend any or all these games to support our BV athletics. Go Rams! Marion Mazouch, Principal/AD.
12 days ago, Marion Mazouch
UPDATE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT OFFICE 9-15-2020 Hello Blue Valley families, I was informed this afternoon of a positive case in the community. We have been in contact with the Health Department for guidance and spoken to the the families we know who may have been in direct contact. They recommend to let the school community know to monitor for symptoms if you have been at the the High School, Elementary School or PreK building in the last 2 days. We continue to monitor and work with those involved in conjunction with the Health Department to ensure the best solution for everyone as we work through this challenging time. If you or someone in your family shows symptoms such as fever (100.4) or higher, cough, headache, chills, fatigue, etc. please contact your medical provider to get their guidance. Then call the school at 785-293-5256 to let us know. As always we appreciate your grace and patience as we continue on this journey. GO RAMS!!!
12 days ago, John Cox
I watched Mr. Holmes 7th grade Social Studies learn about Native American’s and how difficult it was to hunt using primitive tools. The kids were actively engaged in the learning process. Awesome job Mr. Holmes!!
13 days ago, John Cox
09-15-2020 Hi Blue Valley Families!!! Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, Sept 16th, is SCHOOL PICTURE DAY!! Please check your email (the one we have on file). Ordering info was sent out late Friday from the building secretaries. Please use the link in that email to complete the ordering process for your student(s). I hope to see all their bright smiling faces tomorrow. Go RAMS!!
13 days ago, John Cox
UPDATE FROM SUPERINTENDENT OFFICE 9-11-2020 Hello Blue Valley Families, We have completed 2 weeks of school and so far, I feel confident we are doing well. There is an area I wanted to send out a reminder to everyone about. That is our weekly REMOTE LEARNING LOGS. (This is being sent to everyone because at some point this may apply to you even if it doesn't in this moment.) The logs are due every Friday to your building secretary. It must be completed with the daily average equally 420 minute (7 hours). Some of the logs have been turned in incomplete or not calculated properly. If one of them belongs to your student, you will be contacted to correct those. These logs are important for the District to show that your students were engaged and completed the same amount of time and/or work as the kids in the classroom. I have reviewed several of them to make sure we are in compliance and on track with what we need to have documented. We appreciate your willingness to help us make sure we are providing the services your students need. Thank you for all the support you are giving the staff of Blue Valley. It is noticed and appreciated. GO RAMS!!!
17 days ago, John Cox
Please help Blue Valley FFA collect prepaid cards or money donations to send to Louisiana!
18 days ago, USD 384
Hurricane Relief
UPDATE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT 9-9-2020 Hello Blue Valley Families, I have been informed that several families have not gotten their free and reduced meal paperwork turned in. If you haven't turned it in, the meals are being charged at the meal rates charged by Oppa!. PLEASE TURN IN THE PAPERWORK ASAP!!! This is important because we applied for and received the food service waiver from KSDE to receive meals for all Blue Valley students K-12 both onsite and remote learners. What this means is that students will continue to receive meals at no cost until December 31 or the program runs out of money, whichever comes first. (We will let you know if the program changes.) If that happens the meal will again be charged at the reimbursable rate and if your paperwork is not turned in you will be charged. If you are a remote learner and want to receive a meal, please call the school office and order it by 9 am. You will pick up the meal from the high school even if you are an elementary school student. If we have to go remote for all students, we have requested that we open the program up to the community and follow the same guidelines as last Spring with pick ups at BVHS and MES from 11am-12pm. We will continue to keep you up to date when we get new information. Thank you for your continued support. Go RAMS!!!
18 days ago, John Cox
Bv volleyball lost in two to Washington co. And three games to wetmore.
19 days ago, Marion Mazouch
What a fun night of High School Volleyball!!!
19 days ago, John Cox
UPDATE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT 9-3-2020 Good Morning, I wanted to update the community on the positive COVID case at the high school. We have been in contact with the Riley County Health Department and have canceled high school football for the next 14 days. The athletes and coaches have been quarantined for the same time frame. They may return to school and practice on the Sept 17th, if nothing else occurs. Any games that are being missed may be rescheduled. High school administration is working through this process with the effected schools. High school volleyball may continue moving forward as planned and we will continue to monitor it closely. Middle school football and volleyball practices will resume on Sept. 8th when we return from the Labor Day break. We are doing this because some space is shared at the high school with middle school athletes and we want to ensure enough time is given for thorough cleaning and sanitizing . We know this is a difficult time and the decisions we are making have a direct impact on families and our community. We don't make them lightly and do so with the intent of doing what is best for our students. I want to thank everyone for allowing us to work each situation thoroughly and giving us the grace needed to keep school open and safe. We are appreciative of the support we have received from the community. Blue Valley USD 384 is the best place to be! GO RAMS!!
25 days ago, John Cox
UPDATE FROM SUPERINTENDENT 9-2-2020 9:42 pm Hello Blue Valley Family, It was brought to my attention just a few minutes ago that we have a had a positive case of COVID-19 on our high school football team. I have been in contact with our high school building administration to make direct contacts as needed. As of right now we request all high school football team members and coaches to remain home tomorrow 9-3-2020, until we can have the opportunity to make contact with the Riley County Health Department. As soon as have more information I will share it. Thank you for your grace and patience as we work though a difficult situation.
25 days ago, John Cox