November 2019

EXCERPTS of USD #384 Regular Board of Education Meeting

A Regular Board of Education meeting for USD #384 Blue Valley was held on November 11, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room. Members present were Mitch Innes, Stephen Corkill, James Peter, Reo Shultz, Tim Innes, and Ginger Blaske Administration present was Brady Burton, Superintendent, Marion Mazouch, Middle School/High School Principal, and Melody Pfaff, Board Clerk.

CALL TO ORDER: President, Mitch Innes called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

APPROVE THE AGENDA: The Board approved the Agenda with the following addition: Add 13.E. Personnel – Executive Session.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Board and guests recited the Pledge of Allegiance,

WELCOME GUESTS: President, Mitch Innes welcomed our guests.

OPEN FORUM: Arlie Diederich voiced her concerns about the buses and safety. Tim Pfaff apprised the board of how the mechanical issues of the buses are handled. Autumn Cercone spoke about having a transportation escalation plan in place for when an emergency on a bus route does occur. Deb Sumerour stated that safety has never been a concern for her in the 30 years she has driven a bus for Blue Valley.


1. Reo Shultz was glad to see that the district utilizes the local university facilities by taking the students to the Beach Art Museum.

2. Mitch Innes congratulated all of the KU Honor Students. Good to see so many students meet the criteria.

RECOGNITION OF STUDENTS/STAFF: No one was in attendance to be recognized.

PRINCIPAL REPORTS: These were noted. Marion Mazouch reminded the board to check the district calendar for all of the upcoming activities.

SUPERINTENDENT REPORT: Superintendent Brady Burton updated the board on the replacement of the high school sidewalk. The bids have not yet been received from contractors.

The district received $3,900 from the Roepke Fund to be used for the purchase of aluminum bleachers for the baseball field and to repair the scoreboard. Thank you Reo Shultz for representing the board on the Roepke Fund Committee. Reo feels like there is a great relationship with the city, church and school.

State of Kansas consensus group is projecting new revenue over the next two years. Outlook for schools is positive.

Stephen Corkill arrived at 7:19 p.m.

BOARD REPORT: Nothing to report at this time.

CONSENT AGENDA: The Board approved the Consent Agenda as follows:

A. Approved Minutes of: October 14, 2019 Regular Board Meeting and October 14, 2019 Special Board Meeting.

B. Approved Activity/Revenue/Expenditure Reports

C. Resignations – None at this time

D. Approved Hirings: Matthew Prather as assistant high school boys’ basketball coach for the 2019-2020 school year and Robert Clouston as assistant middle school boys’ basketball coach for the 2019-2020 school year.


Budget Review: Brady Burton and Melody Pfaff reviewed the Budget Summary of Funds with the Board.

Bus Purchase: This item was tabled at the October meeting. Tim Pfaff was in attendance to answer any questions the board had regarding the purchase of a new bus. After discussion the board approved to accept the low bid from International and to have Brady Burton and Tim Pfaff review the options to make sure they are accurate.

KASB Superintendent Search: Dr. Brian Jordan and Dr. Hart from KASB were in attendance to give the board an overview of the process for selecting a superintendent. This consists of four phases over the next three months. Dr. Brian Jordan will be assisting the board with this process by gathering information to present to the board. An online survey will also be sent out to all parents and staff of the district to put together feedback for the board. The superintendent position will be posted on November 20, 2019 and that will be the start of the Superintendent search timeline.


Approve Warrants/Transfers: The Board approved the warrants/transfers as presented.

District Audit: Derek Bruna, Washington County Tax & Accounting, was unable to attend. This item will be placed on the December board agenda.

Ball Field Fence: Brady Burton presented a bid from Kansas Fence to replace the entire outfield fence and posts. After discussion the board directed Brady Burton to have Kansas Fence put together a bid to include the baseline fence. The board directed Marion Mazouch to get the exact measurements for the baseball field to meet KSHSAA requirements for competition. Donations could help fund this project. This item will be placed on the December agenda for possible action.

Staff Appreciation Holiday Meal: The Board set Friday, January17 at 6:00 as the date and time for the staff appreciation holiday meal to be held in the Blue Valley High School old gym and catered by Ricky’s of Hanover.

Personnel: The Board held an executive session at 8:46 p.m. for 15 minutes with Brady Burton, Marion Mazouch, and Melody Pfaff to discuss personnel. The purpose of the executive session is to protect the privacy interest of an identifiable individual.

Meeting reconvened at 9:06 p.m. and it was noted that no action was taken during the executive session.

Future Agenda Items:

A. Ball Field Fence

B. District Audit

C. Baseball Field Bleachers

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Melody Pfaff

Board Clerk