Blue Valley FCCLA

Blue Valley FCCLA enthusiastically participated in the 78th State Leadership Conference held in Wichita, Kansas, spanning from April 7th to 9th. The event was a dynamic showcase of talent, camaraderie, and leadership. Members dedicated themselves to competing in a myriad of STAR Events on the bustling Monday of the conference.

The grandeur of the occasion commenced with the Opening Session at the esteemed Century II, where we were privileged to hear insights from Natalie Clark, representing KSDE. The air was electric as scholarships and awards were bestowed upon deserving individuals. Among them, Ms. Beth Luhman shone brightly as a nominee for the esteemed Spirit of Advising accolade, eventually clinching the prestigious District Chapter Adviser of the Year award. It was a moment of immense pride for our chapter.

The intellectual stimulation continued as the conference was graced by the enlightening keynote address delivered by the renowned Kent Julian. His discourse on "event plus reaction equals outcome" resonated deeply, serving as a guiding beacon for our future endeavors. As the day transitioned into evening, we reveled in the jovial atmosphere of the Kansas Activity at Chicken Pickle, indulging in a delectable nacho bar and engaging in spirited games of Pickleball. Notably, Clay Buchanan displayed remarkable prowess in the game, garnering admiration from peers.

The following day dawned with eager anticipation as we gathered for the closing session, where the culmination of our efforts was unveiled through the announcement of STAR Event Results. The achievements were indeed commendable: Haylee Williams secured a silver and earned the distinction of being a National Qualifier in Career Investigation Level 1, while Anna Williams and Olivia Prather claimed silver in Chapter in Review Level 2 and Focus on Children Level 2, respectively. Allie Dumler and Maggie Finan excelled in Interior Design Level 1, attaining silver and the coveted status of National Qualifiers. Michaela Brown distinguished herself with a gold and the title of runner-up in Interior Design Level 2. Additionally, Clay Buchanan and Gus Diederich demonstrated their talent by securing silver in Repurpose and Redesign Level 1.

Amidst these individual triumphs, our chapter was honored with several prestigious awards, including the State Community Service - Bronze and the illustrious FIRST place in the National program Family First category. These accolades serve as a testament to the dedication and collective effort of our members in serving our community and upholding the values of FCCLA.

The conference concluded with students eagerly immersing themselves in track sessions, further enriching their knowledge and skills. As we reflect on the enriching experiences of the conference, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities that the coming year will bring. With gratitude for the memories made and determination for the journey ahead, we extend our heartfelt wishes of success to those preparing to compete at Nationals in Seattle, Washington. Until we convene again, may the spirit of FCCLA continue to inspire and empower us all.